About Your Dentist

James Maina, DMD

"Do the right thing; do it the right way; do it all the time."

My Motivation

“My goal is to ensure that my patients know I care about them and their overall well-being. I enjoy having the ability to impact someone’s life in a positive, visible way through dentistry.”

Formal Education

Dr. Maina attended the College of Dental Medicine at Augusta University, formerly Medical College of Georgia, graduating second in his class. He then pursued additional training at the same College, completing a one-year residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. There he learned advanced techniques in the areas of conscious sedation, endodontics, and dental implant placement. In addition, Dr. Maina received certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Continuing Education & Professional Memberships

Staying abreast of current techniques and technology through continuing education is an important part of Dr. Maina’s professional life. He has obtained additional certification to treat patients with Invisalign.


Dr. Maina, a Kenyan by birth, is a sports enthusiast, with a special love for Soccer, specifically the “British Premier League”. He is married to Jalayna and has two children, Sharon and Zuri.